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* Eliminates Odor & Bacteria Between Hair Washes 
* Nourishes, Strengthens and Protects the Scalp

Rejuvé3 Scalp Protecting Mist 

Price: $23.95 - 8 oz.

A non-irritating topical application for use on the scalp between hair washes to remove dirt, oil and odor without the need to shampoo. This astringent-based agent effectively closes hair follicles to prevent bacterial growth on the scalp, ensuring micro-pollutants do not penetrate below the scalp surface, all while providing essential vitamins to strengthen, nourish and protect the scalp. 

Directions: Spray sparingly on damp or dry hair, ensuring to include the scalp. Comb through gently with a wide tooth comb or finger. Do not rinse out, the product is to be left in until the hair is next washed, allowing it to have an ongoing effect. For best results, use daily.

For best results: Apply this product to your scalp once a day to eliminate perspiration, bacteria and debris. Works wonders when used between hair washes to keep the scalp fresh and odor free. 

Price: $23.95












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