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Rejuve3 Step 1 - Renewing Scalp Cleanser

피부과 전문의와 모발 전문의들이 No. 1 으로 뽑은 손상모발 치료제.

Rejuvé3 ‘비듬 방지용’ 세트

신상! 240 mL

  • 1 -
  • Rejuvé3 리뉴잉 스칼프 클렌저
    240 mL
  • 1 -
  • Rejuvé3 리페어링 샴푸
    240 mL
  • 1 -
  • Rejuvé3 스칼프 프로텍 스프레이
    240 mL
    100% 천연 재료로 피부과 전문의 추천 제품. 남녀 공용

    Wear black confidently, dandruff-free!

    Eliminate dry flakes with Rejuve3 ‘Anti-Dandruff’ Package, the finest chemical-free formula available for both men and women. Trusted by dermatologists for decades, Derjers’ Rejuve3 Renewing Scalp Cleanser, Rejuve3 Repairing Shampoo, and Rejuve3 Scalp Protecting Mist have been clinically-proven to restore the optimal pH balance of your scalp, thereby eliminating conditions associated with dandruff including:

    • scalp itching
    • flaking
    • dryness
    • redness

    These formulas have been designed to work synergistically to remove dandruff-causing bacteria, replenishing your scalp with vital moisture and nutrients, all while maximizing the beauty of your hair, chemical-free.

    After all, the secret to beautiful hair is through the proper care of your scalp.












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